Jeff Martin Custom Design Services

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My father and I have been a builder/general contractor in the Quakertown Pennsylvania area for many years.
I’m Jeff Martin Jr. and I’ve also been involved with graphic design most of my life.
I’ve gathered a team of like minded artists, designers & photographers to start offering these services to you.
Whether you need a logo for your new business, professional photographs of your products or your family pet, illustrations,
a website, just contact us and tell me about your project and we will do everything we can to help you.

Another great service we offer is using the architectural design software SoftPlan.
I’m able to create full color 3D renderings of any construction project you may have.
If you’re a builder, realtor or even a home owner, I can create full scale renderings and floor plans of your project.
What does this mean? If you’re a builder or realtor selling a house that isn’t built yet, I can create a full color, photographic rendering
of what that house will look like when it’s finished. If you’re a home owner and you want to know what your house
will look like with that addition, or you just want to see what it would look like with blue siding instead of white,
I can create that image for you. I can create full scale floor plans of entire houses, or show you what your
new kitchen or bathroom will look like before it’s even started. I can also generate the plans your township
will need to see if you plan to build a deck, addition or any other structural renovation.

Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions, concerns or to discuss your project.
I look forward to hearing from you!
- Jeffrey Martin Jr.

If you have a construction project you would like to discuss, please call Jeff Martin Custom Builders at 215-536-3596 or visit